Animal Aid's campaign for mandatory CCTV and independent monitoring in all UK slaughterhouses. Helping vets to see what happens in the stunning and slaughter areas when they cannot be present.

In June 2014, a YouGov poll found that 76 per cent of those asked said the government should make CCTV mandatory for slaughterhouses. That figure rose to 87 per cent when it just included those who expressed a clear view.

Too sick to stand
Too sick to stand

These are some of the many messages of support we have received from the public. Please send us yours, too.

‘Surely CCTV cameras would be a good idea? If operatives knew they were being watched and law-enforcement was a given with warnings, written warnings and possible unemployment such as is carried out in other work places then this could surely encourage better practice and reduce the suffering we have all now witnessed.’
Debbie W

‘…I just wanted to say a big thank you again for this investigation, and hope that it has brought the situation to light, and that it sends out a message that farm animals often face long stressful hours travelling to slaughterhouses and arrive frightened and stressed, without spending their last minutes being subjected to unnecessary cruelty. Farm animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated with care and compassion. I also hope this investigation does lead to CCTV being installed, and prevent these situations from ever happening again!’
Rebecca W

‘[I]t is time that the Meat Hygiene Service Inspectors installed CCTV and monitored all abattoirs to monitor the actions of the slaughter men and staff dealing with the animals to prevent cruel practices taking place.’
Terence C

‘CCTV would help to protect the animals within these abattoirs and ensure that their deaths are dealt with humanely and without this unnecessary cruelty. Should such cruelty take place, the necessary prosecutions can be carried out against the individuals responsible.’
Claire B

‘I saw the footage on the pig abuse on Sky news this morning. It is simply shocking. I have always wondered how abattoirs are monitored for humane animal treatment. To install CCTV cameras is an excellent idea.’
Gillian G

‘So angry at the inept and cruel practices in slaughterhouses. They do seem to attract more than their fair share of sadists. The inability to even perform a clean stun would suggest a lack of supervision. In most jobs if you cannot perform your work, you would be dismissed. So many very basic animal welfare breaches. What are the FSA people actually doing in there?’
Dianne S